Original Title: La Cámara Ciega (Blind Camera)

Logline: Leonardo (35), a filmmaker obsessed with the truth, shoots a documentary about his blind and abandoned grandfather Victor (85). The coldness of Victor and Leonardo’s artistic self impositions will take him to know the limits of his own ethics in order to get the precious footage.


YOUNG JURY SPECIAL AWARD WINNER - Quilpué International Film Festival (Chile)


Festival Screenings

Cinema Chile, Chilean Screening Selection at Clermont Ferrand (France) Kerry Film Festival (Ireland) Festival Cine B_6 (Chile) Bio Bio Cine International Film Festival (Chile) Quilpué International Film Festival (Chile)

Written and Directed by: Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz
Produced by: Daniela Raviola
Director of Photography: Matías Illanes
Assistant Director: Natalia Luque
Art Director: Valeria de la Torre
Sound by: Felipe Fernández and Nicolás Rojas
Continuity Supervisor: Martín Baus
Edited by: Juan Pablo Arias
Art Assistants: Ana Fernández and Francisca Celume
Production Assistants: Patricio Gajardo, Tomás Delaveau and Gonzalo Barceló
After Effects Correction: Virginia Ghiglione
Distribution: Jaime Grijalba

Sebastián Layseca
Mario Lorca